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Women Special

Woman the substance of life, is facing lot of problems whether that are personal or official; she is not feeling secure and safe AND to overcome the woman's problems, we have a specialized section to solve all her discrepancies in a discreet manner.

This section of Trident Investigations is exclusively for women and the solutions of their mind puzzle. After conducting the research and associated with large number of women since a long time our team leader Ms. Mathur has analyzing the general worries and mental tensions and concluded the way out to get rid of these problems by conducting the secret investigations to over-come the worst phase of life.

This is the premier investigation agency in India, which has a specialized concerned section for women only, with a dedicated team of trained professionals. Our selected and screened investigators equipped with all latest high-tech investigative equipments and has undergone the extensive training to perform their duties with sincerity and taught several tools so as to generate the best results in the shortest possible time. Our extensive and diverse network makes our reach truly all-India. Our databases comprise diverse skills and expertise that are constantly evaluated and updated for quality and reliability of performance of the operators and resource personnel.

As a company we are committed to the enhancement and promotion of investigative standards and are active in the development of Professional Investigators.