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Under Cover Operation

Pilferage and thefts are epidemic in industries, godowns and business houses through innovative practices. To plant men of confidence in strategic positions of a targeted establishment to keep an observant eye on the developments between work force and other activities in the unit to find out any mucky happenings for weekly reporting to the management can interrupt this muck. For each assignment best-suited field operative and experienced case manager are drafted. The under cover agent is your eyes and ears in the establishment keeping you fully posted with all the happenings enabling you to take timely corrective actions.

Successful litigation demands solid evidence, which is often uncovered during discreet undercover operations. Whether it's a covert undercover operation with high-tech surveillance equipment or an elaborate undercover sting, your operation's success relies expressly upon the investigators' knowledge and experience.

Our undercover operators are swift and discreet, and they fully understand the intricacies of undercover operations. Using the most advanced surveillance equipment, the Trident team will deliver the evidence you need in a quick, cost effective manner.

If you or your employees have noticed questionable or suspicious behavior, the undercover operations team at Trident will help you distinguish fact from theory by gathering information without attracting attention. We'll customize your undercover operations investigation so you get only the services you need, whether it's an old-fashioned stake-out to high-tech video surveillance using the latest in surveillance cameras and other surveillance equipment.