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My India Services

My India Services (for NRIs)
Trident has a goal to make NRIs life a bit easy by taking care of their problems in India. For NRIs who have issues to take care in India, we will provide guided help to solve the issues. We are providing several premium services to NRI's in India.

Legal Services - We have very high profile lawyers working with us to solve your legal issues. Please be aware that this is a time consuming process and we will do our best to solve your legal problems.
We will safely & effectively ensure delivery of Injunctions, Summons, Divorce papers etc. anywhere in India or neighboring countries and guarantee personal delivery well within the required timeframe. Our network of investigators enables us to serve these documents to the farthest corner of the country within the specified time period at the lowest possible expense.

Financial matters - If you would like to make some investments in India, please let us know. We will give you proper advice and help you make those investments successfully.

Real-Estate Matters - If you would like to buy a new property in India, we can help you find the proper house, apartment or even plots for investment. If you would like to sell the property in India, we can help you find the proper customer for you. Also assist you in negotiations, verify original owner of the property, pursue the matter in a right direction in a faster way and calculate all actual expenses as per the location.

Miscellaneous Services – there are couple of other services that Trident offers you all NRIs covering throughout India. Market Research & Brand Promotion, convey a surprise gift/message to your loved one, take care of your important belongings, assistance in Import/Export, with Business Credentials verifications etc.

For any these special services, please send us an email and we will get back to you quickly with response or call 24X7 at +91-9999039792.