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bullet 1Spying on the Family 7 June 2009 (Times Of India)

bullet 2Lucrative Opportunities in Spying - 1 June 2009 (Dare Business)

bullet 3Detectives with Youth - 17 Sept 2008 (HT)

bullet 4Detectives are Watching 3 May 2008 (HT)

bullet 5Detectives are Watching - 9 Aug 2007 (HT)

bullet 6Schools Hiring Investigators - 5 Aug 2007 (HT)

bullet 7Radio Mirchi, 06-08-07

Testimonials are very important when selecting a private investigator and in the private investigation industry are hard earned and seldom provided because our clients want to maintain their privacy. Usually the clients of a private investigator don't wish to have their private business published. This is even more reason for you to choose Trident Investigations Network™ as your preferred private investigation/private investigator  company as there are thousands more satisfied clients who did not provide testimonials for this very reason.

Family/Personal Matters
1. My husband continuously lied to me about where he was. I never knew where he was even when he was at work. It wasn't until I had Trident Investigations place him under surveillance that I found out about his other relationship, children and house. I was totally amazed when you provided evidence that even the furniture and the children's toys were the same. I now have a life and thanks to you, I can put this bizarre episode behind me.
Ms. Maria

2. You were right about GUT FEELINGS. I remember you said that 98% of your clients were right about their suspicions. Unfortunately, I am not one of the 2%. I will just have to pick up the pieces and move on. I would like to thank you for your compassion and counseling. I was impressed by your professionalism and the quality of your evidence. The words & commitments gave me assurance. I will most certainly recommend you if the situation arises.
Mr. Deepak

3. To think that I trusted him all these years. I feel like a fool. Anyway, the children are old enough to understand. I don't know that I could ever show them the video you obtained, perhaps in time. I feel vindicated now because he was always telling everyone that I was to blame. Although fault is not an issue in Family Law matters anymore, my integrity is intact. I never thought I would ever go to a private investigator, but I'm glad I did. Your investigators are very good at their job and they kept me up to date. Once again, thank you.
Ms. jaspreet kaur

Theft in the Work Place
1. Just a short note to thank you for your efforts and the final outcome. Without your input I would probably still be stuck with this thief. I have no idea just how much was stolen over the years. I still recall your advice that the most trusted have the most opportunity, however I never suspected my partner. The fact that you discovered he had set up an opposition company and was stealing our product and selling it through his business has provided me with a great deal of leverage. My legal representatives believe that I can remove him from his director/shareholder status with minimal costs. In the end you have provided evidence beyond refute of his criminal activities and turned a bad situation into a good one. The I will most certainly recommend you to my colleagues.
Aoking Enterprises

Harassment Problems
1. The constant phone calls in the middle of the night were driving us mad. It is obvious to us that it was our neighbour, however when we checked through the telephone company the calls were not made from that number. Your suggestion that you place the telephone booth at the local shopping centre under surveillance seemed like a long shot. The fact that you obtained film of our neighbour attending that phone at the same time of our calls, provided the evidence we needed. We are now in contact with the police and the telephone company who are working on this matter together. Some people become very vindictive when they don't get their own way. We can't understand why he objected to our building extensions in the first place. My wife also sends her regards.
Mr. Ankit

Location of Missing Persons
1. We just thought we would drop you a line and tell you how things turned out. We eventually arranged a meeting with our daughter and have persuaded her to come home. The way that you handled the situation when you found her in the city was certainly the turning point. We have never been able to reason with her in the past. Our daughter is now settled and giving every indication that she intends to stay. You have made us both very happy and reunited our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Aanirudh Saxena

Forensic Document Examination
1. Your forensic document examiner was brilliant. We can now obtain what is rightfully ours, our inheritance. People can be so devious when it comes to matters of money. All along we believed that Dad's signature was a forgery. The evidence that you were able to obtain with respect to Dad's state of mind around the time he allegedly signed the will was also vital.
Vinay Kashyap

2. The letters that this woman was sending almost destroyed our marriage. The efforts on the part of your investigators are to be commended. The matching up of documentation that you managed to obtain from her proved beyond doubt who it was. I know you won't tell me, but I still can't imagine how you obtained these records. I guess that's a trade secret. I can't thank you enough.
Chirag Mishra