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Employment Screening

Pre Employment Vetting and Background Checks

Be sure of who you are employing or who you are about to get into business with by utilizing our exhaustive pre employment vetting and background search services. Recruitment has grown ever complex over the last decade, with increasingly detailed profiling and assessment of candidates to pick out the most suitable amongst them, but even this cannot guarantee any individual's history. Our background vetting can range from simplicities such as checking the qualifications on a CV, to in-depth investigations of financial history, criminal convictions or membership of groups and associations raising conflicts of interest.

Bringing new employees into positions of responsibility or entering into business with a little known individual are minefields for effective risk management. Specialist vetting and background checks by our skilled investigators can help clarify your options, quantify concerns and help you meet the requirements of due diligence. Our clients trust in us to ensure the protection of their business against everything from simple bad employment choices to industrial espionage.

Post Employment Verification

An employer might start his or her life with a company with a clean criminal record and the correct qualifications - but then what guarantee does a company have that this will always remain the case?

An employee with ten years' work experience is rarely, if ever, checked out as a potential security risk, yet the empirical evidence is overwhelming that serious fraud is committed by people in important positions which they have held over long periods of time

Post employment screening allows employees to quantify the risk to which they are exposed, and then to manage that risk. Regular credit checks, sudden judgments, criminal convictions - these are all developments which a responsible employer should be aware of in their workforce

The first sign to watch out for is a change in lifestyle of the employee concerned. This can be either in an upgrade in lifestyle such as the acquisition of material goods - a new flashy car for example; but also in a downgrade in lifestyle. Such signs can be in terms of physical appearance, punctuality, work levels and productivity declines, which are often the surest signs of either substance abuse or domestic crises of one sort or another.

Post employment screening therefore takes on a wider ambit than pre-employment screening.