Corporate Intelligence Investigation Agency

Corporate Intelligence

Trident's aim is to discover key information that will help underpin critical decisions.

Intelligence is everything in corporate business; change is constant, dynamic and affected by a myriad of influences from government and culture to the individuals that make up the whole. Considering partnerships, comprehending changing politics and their implications or simply understanding the competition and market on a more intimate level calls for expertise in approach. Our team dig beneath the surface to find the root causes of change, the likely directions it will take and your ideal responses to it.

Our Corporate Intelligence services are designed for key decision makers on corporate boards, investors, heads of government departments, and high net worth individuals. We also support their corporate lawyers, professional service advisors, compliance officers and other professional consultants.

Trident's Due Diligence investigation provides rigorous verification of the reliability of counterparties. We seek to confirm all material facts or opinion which may affect future dealings. This might involve: stakeholder screening; assessment of any inappropriate activity; mapping of relationships; corporate investigation; or, background research into directors, shareholders and officers of a company.

The services has a wide range, from Employment Screening, Undercover Operations, Union and Staff Activities Watch, Secret Audio-Visual Recording, Frauds, Forgery, Investigations of Theft, Information about Movable and Immovable Properties, Collect movements of Marketing Staff, leak Confidential Information of Trademark & Copyrights etc. are the some important investigative aspects which when neglected may cause a huge harm to the entrepreneur.

This also includes the professional capabilities of a key functions of your competitor like market position, reputation, suppliers of raw material, potential clients, marketing strategy, background check of potential associates, joint ventures etc. along with his comprehensive profile.