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  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Not compromise on quality
  • Conduct our investigation professionally
  • Keep our clients informed
  • Competitive remuneration
  • Treat all clients, claimant and employees with dignity and respect
  • Remain honest and ethical with our clients at all times

Client vs. Agency Commitment -

  • Client will be agreed that Agency is empowered to perform said services for and on behalf of client, and to do all things necessary, appropriate, or advisable in performing said services.
  • It will be agreed that Client furnish Agency with true and accurate information to the best of Client knowledge and ability at the time of assigning for the services.
  • It will also be conformed that the enquiries and investigation will nor unethical neither harm to the national integrity with no breach of any rules & regulations.
  • All investigative findings will be furnished to the Client are exclusively for Client's own use. Client agrees to restrict the dissemination of any findings to only third parties who have a legitimate need to know, and/or authorized by law.
  • Client will be responsible for all consequences in the assigned matter and also abide for all law and order activities, if any in future.